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As the title says, I just finished installing these on Saturday. The install would have been very simple if my car didn't have a few issues from the original owner changing the rear speakers and hacking up the rear bulkhead trim panel.

Front speakers were direct drop-ins. Couldn't have been easier. I recomend getting a little ratchet that you can put screw driver bits into to take the speaker screws in and out. I got one at Sears and it was great for this. Can't imaging having done it with anything else.

Rear speakers (ignoring issues specific to my car) were pretty easy too. First things first, slide the front seat all the way forward, remove your roof and take the passanger seat out. I found that it was necessary to have a 6mm hex head driver attached to a ratchet. If you don't have a 6mm hex driver, a T40 Torx bit will also work (this is what I used but in hindsite I don't recomend using the wrong tool for the job over buying the correct one, just saying that you can). I then had to notch out two spots on the sides of the speaker cutouts to allow the speaker frames to clear. Also had to slot the mounting holes in the bulkhead trim panel outward from center and notch the speaker cutouts to let the clips (speed nuts?) slip over the trim panel far enough for their holes to match up to the outer end of the newly slotted holes. Then connect the wires, mount the speakers and put everything else back together.

Speakers are great, even without an amp I can hear them clearly over my Stage II exhaust at around 5k rpm.

My car previously did not have any sound insulation remaining behind the bulkhead trim, but I put a "new" piece in and good grief does that ever make a difference in cutting down exhaust noise resonation.

Obviously, I've only had them in for a few days, but I think I'm going to be very happy with these speakers
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