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Should I Customize my 1970 Europa?

  • YES!

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • Are you nuts? NO!

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • Maybe a little, but not so drastic.

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • Wimpy... Make it look like an Elise.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Purists will hate me, but I'm customizing my 1970 Europa. Rearward and side vision is terrible, the door hinges are... Well... Sad. My classic racing days are over and I just got a great deal on a set of 17" rims and super wide 235mm low aspect tires. I Photoshopped them onto a picture of my car and now my wife says I have to do it.

I'll be adding multi-piston discs all around, extending the axles 2" and converting them to 5 stud (like I said, I got a deal... I'm not about to quibble about stud pattern:)

The new wheels require radius body openings and hefty flaring. The car will definitely have an hourglass footprint when it's done... But there'll be a fist full of rubber on the pavement. Chances are, the radiator will need to be relocated as well

Hopefully, I'll be able to get help, feedback and suggestions from other Europa owners on this blog, and even make a few friends.

Looking forward to being here.


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I'm not a classic Lotus guy so my opinion may not be that valid but I think it looks great, go for it. At least it'll be unique.

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