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My goal was a garage that looked like hospital operating room, where real work happens, but in a clean environment. Nobody wants to have their appendix removed in an operating room that has blood splattered on the walls, and I don't want to work on my car in a garage that has grease splattered everywhere. I like to treat my car and my tools the way a surgeon is supposed to treat his patients and his scalpels, with respect. :) Some like their garages to look like a space where real work happens, and recoil at the idea of a pristine garage. I get that. I simply like clean. That's not a value statement; it's just what I personally happen to prefer.

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I really envy the look of a pristine garage that is almost a surgical setting. But I have difficulty keeping my garage that way as I average a full frame off restoration a year (in my spare time). With engines and transmissions out and being rebuilt, chassis stripped and painted, suspensions rebuilt, parts coming in from all over the world and spare parts that need storing........well it’s just a lot going on. My parts cleaning area and media blasting area alone create a whirlwind of commotion with parts drying or being prepped for electro plating or painting. But the end result is pristine and I like it that way.

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