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The decision is, at least in part, how you drive the car ( high rev or moderate ) and how you feel the car's performance. I like electric cars and supercharged cars but I don't get the same visceral feeling as I get when I drive a turbocharged car. I think it's like listening to music. Some like a neutral sound and some prefer the equalizer setting on high treble or bass. To me the turbo is like opening up the soundstage. And going on a rollercoaster ride.

In terms of lag, it can be minimized of course , on this engine I'm very happy with the 2871r turbo , I enjoyed the slight spool up and whiplash, but I was also surprised of how close ratio gears on the track helped pulled my car out of the corners and chomp on a supercar before the end of the next straight . It makes me feel like I'm doing it and timing it just right. Love it !

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Yeah. It’s like driving a 52HP 125cc shifter kart. 🤣
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