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Couple of thoughts here.. First for reference I'm a 2ZZ REV400 owner and happy with the solution, but find myself often wondering if I should have invested in a K2x swap.

1. The solution is not what you should be focused on. Figure out what outcome you're looking for first.
2. Power - Either way (2zz / K2x) will allow for more power at a reasonable price/performance. However, the 2zz is going to top out and/or break quicker.
3. Power delivery - Turbo/SC/NA are all big decisions that have large impacts on your build, complexity, cost and use of the power. As fzust pointed out Turbos generally disappoint on a 2zz (there are some that like it), but depends how you use it. You can build a NA K24 to put down similar power as a 2zz REV400, but you can't build a NA 2zz to that level.
4. Trans - As others pointed out the C64 is made of glass at 350whp+. Aftermarket support for K2x trans is better, cheaper (AFAIK), not to mention increased support for sequentials.
5. Aftermarket support - You'll have a much easier time finding knowledgeable shops to work on a K2x engine vs a 2zz. Not to mention parts in general.
6. Tuning - What are your tuning needs? Set and forget or tweaking to get an extra tenth/hundredth of a second at the strip? On the 2zz you essentially get to choose from BOE (set and forget) or going aftermarket with a EMUBlack, Haltech, etc.. option and figuring it out. K2x has Hondata and Kpro with large communities supporting.

All those options drive different outcomes and significantly different costs...
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