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Calling all Lotus drivers. My name is Mike, and I am a member with ZSport, a Nissan-based car club in San Antonio. I want to invite all you to our event on Saturday; ZSport is hosting our annual Kart Challenge!

Follow us after Coffee & Rides to have a good time while competing for bragging rights. If you haven't competed before, here is how it goes:

-Each team gets one 10-minute practice session and one 5 minute qualifying session.
-The top three drivers from each team with the lowest qualifying lap time advances to
the final round.
-Winner of the kart challenge is the team with the lowest average lap time in the final round.
-For those who did not advance to the final round get a fun lap session at the end.

Regular price for 3 runs like this is $65; Alamo Karts is giving us this entire event for $45 each. In addition, Alamo Karts has provided ZSport & friends with their party room to relax when not racing (complete with big screen TV to feature our goPRO footage), and are also known to open up their engines for more power than usual. These aren't your typical 'Malibu' karts. Were talking 9hp single-seaters averaging 40mph through the course! Lots of fun.

See more on our site here: My link

FYI: we have the local S2000 club competing as well, so it should be a good time to relax and chill with clubs who all have the same interests in mind.

Join us!
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