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Keep blowing a right-front speaker?

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When I first got my Elise, it had Polk dB 4" fronts and 6.5" component rears. The right-front was buzzing pretty bad, and the head unit added more static and distortion. I replaced the head unit and then replaced all four speakers.

RF Prime 4" 2-way fronts, Punch 6.5" component rears, new JVC head unit. The only thing I noticed when installing the new head unit was that the front and rear speaker wires were reversed. Shouldn't matter except for fade/balance.

Now after about a month or two of having the new fronts installed, I noticed my right-front speaker is buzzing again! Anyone else have this happen, or does anyone have any ideas on why?

I chalked up the original blown front speaker to the heat and sun just cooking the speaker through the windshield, especially with the minimal grilles that Polk dB's have. Could this be true again? The RF have full black perforated grilles.
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Wanted to update this post. I put new RF Punch 4" 2-way speakers in the front dash. Also put 600Hz Bass Blockers inline.

Let's see if they blow too!

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Same problem same speaker.

I just got a new to me 2006 Elise and the front right speaker is buzzing.

I was poking around for replacements and one thing led to another.....

I ordered Focal performance 100AC for the front and RCX 100 for the rear.

Somehow an Alpine UTE-73BT and KTP445-A powerpack made it in the cart too. ??*♂

I’ll try to run it off the factory 7.5amp fuse but I’m told it requires a 15 amp. If it blows I’ll have to consider rewiring it. I’m not a max volume kind. So hopefully it’ll be ok at above road noise levels!
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