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Keyless Entry/Alarm with Flip Key!

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Some time ago I installed an AutoMate keyless entry in my 94 S4. It was pretty easy and it automatically enables/disables the stock alarm when it locks/unlocks. Well, the remote for it is pretty hideous and I wanted to make an all in one key. I first tried to make one with the remote in the key but it wouldn't hold up to the twist pressure. So I then ordered a flip keyfob and tried transplanting the electrics into it but it didn't work as the buttons wouldn't quite line up.

So, I just ordered an alarm system with flip key remotes included. I am not using the alarm function so I don't have a door switch, motion detector or siren connected. It was a cheap system and I was able to cut down a spare key to fit into the flip part. It is SO much better than having a key and separate remote. Now it is like any modern one.

Here is the system I ordered;

and here is how it turned out

If anyone is interested I can provide you with what wires to connect to on the stock alarm box.
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The eBay link is broken. What type of remote did you modify? I assume you ripped out the electronics and your existing fob electronics lined up? Do you have photos of how you modified the cut-down to fit?

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Try the link again.

With this system I didnt have to swap any electronics. The key fobs came with the system. You just have to remove the blanks in it that are for a Honda and insert your cutdown key. A small roll pin holds it in place.

Top is the original key and bottom is my cutdown Lotus key. I actually heated the end where the hole is and filled it with solder and filed it down until it fit.


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