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1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit HCI - Pearl white w/ Blue interior - No mods
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Hey Guys,

I've recently become an Esprit owner, something I've dreamed about since I was a kid in the 70s after seeing The Spy Who Loved Me. I bought the Corgi 007 Esprit toy car & even bought the first edition Jeremy Walton, Lotus Esprit book when it was released. Somehow after many years & even after a cross country move from Boston to Los Angeles these 2 items have stayed in my possession.

Since I started driving I've tinkered with old cars having owned several old cars now considered classics like, 73' BMW 2002, 72' BMW 2002 tii, 66' MG Midget, 71' Triumph TR6, 65' Corvair Monza Convertible, 66' Corvair Corsa Convertible.

I took a break from tinkering with old classics for many years and became a fan of Mercedes engineering, having owned a W210 & a W212. But just 5 years ago I got the classic car bug again, attending local shows as a spectator. I eventually bought a 85' MB 500SEC (still own), a 97' MB S500 Coupe (sold), & a 94' MB S600 V12 Coupe (sold).

I've been keeping my eye on Esprits for the last 10 years here & there. The childhood dream of owning an Esprit always seemed out of reach, illogical & parts availability / information about Esprits is far & few.. So, it will probably remain a dream..
Then, in June I came across the Esprit I've always wanted if I had a choice, a G-body HCI in the color I always wanted, White. I said to myself, I'm not getting any younger, if not now then, WHEN?.. Then, I looked over, saw my white Corgi 007 toy car on my bookshelf... I bought the Esprit, my childhood dream car.

When I took possession of the car, I was surprised that it was a bit intimidating. The low slung exotic shape, the mechanical gear shifts, the heavy steering, pop-up headlights don't work properly, pumping in gas & the tricky handbrake got my blood pressure rising... Just the amount of effort it to took to drive that first day left me exhausted, wondering what the hell did I get myself into? Reminded me of the quote; "Never meet your heroes, because they won't live up to your imagination."

But now that I've gotten comfortable with the Esprit, it's becoming everything I've wanted & I now enjoy the focus it takes to drive.. I've fallen :grin2:..
Now I'm ready to tinker and give my Esprit the love it needs..

I'm looking forward to sharing in the passion & learning more about Esprits!


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That was my dream car in 1980's high school. Prudence led me to buy a Miata once I was in a position to buy a decent car. Then the Elise came available in the US, and I transferred my Lotus love to the new model. Best of luck with your fantastic toy!
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