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Hello Everyone

The purpose of this thread is to persevere this moment in time and moving forward update as the car develops over the years. I bought this car on 10/22/2017 with 55,000 miles on it. Below are a couple pic from the day I picked it up. I switched from a '07 AP2 S2000 to the Lotus.





Since 2017 the car has gone through many changes to get it to were it is today. The following shows the car as of 4/10/2020, I recently got the car back from Trackspec Autosports in Fremont, CA where they did a front BBK, Ultimate Shifter package, ACT HDSS Clutch, and MWR Lightweight flywheel. You will also find the complete list of parts currently on the car as well as parts that once were (strikedout).




For a more detailed look at each component of the car check out my walk-around in the link below:

2005 Lotus Elise
Color: Storm Titanium
Current Mileage: 80,299
Purpose: Street / Track (5-6 days a year)

Engine / Trans:

1 Forge Motorsports FMLOTRAD All Aluminum Radiator
2 Snorkel Delete
3 Green Filters 2319 Air Filter
4 BOE Torque 200 Tune (ECU)
5 GPan3 Baffled Oil Pan
6 ACT HDSS Clutch
7 MWR Lightweight Flywheel
8 InoKinetic Trans cables (Gear and Cross Gate shift cables)
9 InoKinetic Short Shift Kit
10 Larini 'Silenced' Race Testpipe
11 2bular 6x24 Exhaust
12 BOE Fabrication Toe-Links
13 Nitron Street Series Coilovers (Singles)
14 Blackwatch Racing 5-way Adjustable Front Sway Bar
15 (Front) Wilwood DynaPro calipers
16 (Front) 308mm CUPdisc
17 (Front) 1521 Bobcat pads
18 (Track) Carbotech XP8 Pads
19 (Rear) Brakes of Australia - DBA T3 ClubSpec 4000 disc brakes
20 (Rear) Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
21 (Rear) BOE Radi-CAL Bracket for Front Calipers
22 Sector 111 Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Wheels / Tires:
23 Sector 111 Ethos Wheels F: 16-7 +27 R: 17x8 +35
24 Toyo R888R Tires F: 305/45/16 R: 235/40/17
25 Lotus Black / Silver Center Caps
26 TrackStuds M12x1.5 Performance Wheels Studs
Exterior :
27 GUT Sport Front Splitter (Matte Black)
GRP Front Lip Splitter (Gloss Carbon)
28 GRP Standard Side Scoops (Gloss Carbon)
29 Custom Side Sills (Painted Aluminum) Lotustalk @da40flyer
30 Difflow 5 Element Diffuser (Curved)
31 Tillett B6 (Custom Seat Frames @TrackSpec)
32 Schroth Profi 2x2 Fexi (6pt Harness)
33 InoKinetic SYS 6 PACK (Harness Sandwich Plate)
34 OMP 230mm Steering wheel (Alcantara)
35 NRG v2.5 quick release hub
36 25mm 4 to 6 bolt hub adapter
37 InoKinetic Ultimate ShiftR111
38 InoKinetic Bollock M10 Shift Knob
39 InoKinetic re-ENFORCER Bracket
40 InoKinetic Switch Panel
41 Elise Parts MSA Regulation Front Towing Eye
42 Sector 111 BBHOOK2 Rear Tow Hook
43 Sector 111 Race Harness Bar
Raceequip Sportsman SFI 16.1 5pt Camlock Harness
Lotus Seat Grommets

44 RaceQuip Pro15 / Grey Helmet
45 RaceQuip Pro15 / Blue Iridium Face Shields
46 Ecliptech Shift-I Progressive Shift Light
47 MSD 8918 Tach Signal Pickup
48 Optima Redtop Battery
49 Stereo Delete
Alpine UTE-62BT Headunit
Pioneer TS-A1306C 5.25" Component Speakers
JL Audio 94152 Stealthbox
JL Audio 10W1v2-4 Subwoofer
Alpine MRV-M500 Amplifier

Maintenance Items:
50 5W40 Pentosin P#: 8042206
51 Genuine 111R Oil Filter P#: 90915-YZZF1
52 Denso IR Spark Plug P#: SK20R11
53 Redline MT90 P#:50304
54 Toyota Pink Coolant P#: 00272-SLLC2
55 ATE TYP200 Brake Fluid P#: BF1200
56 Drive Belt P# 6PK1693


That pretty much wraps up the intro to this thread. You may be wondering what Kirsch Motorsports is.... at the moment it is strictly a way to separate my personal life and car content on social media platforms. That said, please feel free to follow the build on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Instagram: Kirsch Motorsports
Facebook: Kirsch Motorsports
Youtube: Kirsch Motorsports

Feel free to ask away, I love the discussions on LT. Thanks!

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Track Days

I think all of us are craving some track time these days. I wanted to share my track experiences with you all. I have a couple videos linked as well as photos from past events. Enjoy!


First track day with the Lotus at Laguna Seca in 2017


Video of my fastest lap of the day:
Thunder Hill Raceway


Its always nice to have your shop that does the mechanical at the track racing on the weekends as well. Jon and his team at Trackspec are always there to lend a helping hand.

Video of my spin on the backside of T-hill East bypass. I came in a bit hot and checked up on the brakes causing the rear end to rotate.
Sonoma Raceway

Button Willow - SoCal


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Nice build. Looking forward to see you at the track, I’m also in the Bay Area.
Do you know how much your car weights out of curiosity?

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Nice build. Looking forward to see you at the track, I’m also in the Bay Area.
Do you know how much your car weights out of curiosity?
Hey! looking forward to getting out there again soon, nice video you posted out at Laguna. I haven't weighed the car actually with all the changes. Add it to the list of benchmarking things to do.

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DYNO RESULTS! Fun day on the dyno running baseline pulls on my Elise and a friends Honda Insight Lemons car.

We each did 3 runs on a Dynojet to establish a baseline.
Air Temp: 75F
Humidity: 46%

2005 Lotus Elise (NA)
Mileage: 80,400
Tire Pressure: 28psi cold

Engine mods:
  • Intake - Snorkel Delete and Green Filters 2319 Air Filter Tune
  • BOE Torque 200 Tune (ECU)
  • Exhaust - Oem exhaust manifold, Larini 'Silenced' Race Testpipe, and 2bular 6x24 Exhaust



Dyno Results:
Peak Power – 183hp/132tq
Average – 182hp/131tq


We ended up running 4 pulls because the wideband sensors fell off mid pull to record AFRs. Speaking of AFRs, any insight as to what they should be reading at the tailpipe? Mine were at ~13.5.


Youtube footage time stamps:
Lotus Pulls:
  • 1st pull – 1:38
  • Exhaust sounds – 3:14
  • 2nd pull – 3:48
  • 3rd pull – 4:46
Bob’s Insight Pulls:
  • 1st pull – 5:33
  • 2nd pull – 6:54
  • 3rd pull – 7:38
Victory Lotus Donuts! – 8:50

I don’t have all the details on Bob’s car, but it’s the most expensive Lemons car ever and the engine is stock. He ended up making 60hp/60tq. It’s a baseline, I see a Kswap in its future.


Check out the end of the youtube video and subscribe for more fun. I was worth spending my R888R's for this shot!

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I'm in the Bay Area... maybe we'll run into each other at the track sometime.

Where do you go for dyne time? Are they reasonable to work with? I'm going to need to spend a fair bit of time on a dyno, if I ever get around to finishing my engine/supercharger build.

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I'm in the Bay Area... maybe we'll run into each other at the track sometime.

Where do you go for dyne time? Are they reasonable to work with? I'm going to need to spend a fair bit of time on a dyno, if I ever get around to finishing my engine/supercharger build.
Go Wraps in Fremont is where we did our baselines. I’ll edit it in the description. Owner is super chill I’m sure he will be willing to work with you. Hope to see you on the track soon!

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So I decided to take on the challenge of making the “perfect to me” GT wing for the Lotus. I preface this because I know there will hundreds of opinions of things wrong with this design. My goal of this build was to: 1. To create a wing that provided some level of downforce at the track (we will get into more of that later) 2. Look really good. To be honest the car gets to the track maybe 6 times a year at best, so I want to enjoy the race like esthetics while out at C&C, group drives, or just staring in the driveway. 3. Under $500 … that’s right budget friendly build. I hope you enjoy the results!

So here we go! After looking on Facebook marketplace for months I finally came across a wing that I would use as a base (or really just the airfoil). I was able to pick up this old style GTC 200 wing from APR for $100 bucks. Shout out to Hunter after talking and sharing my plans he gave me a deal…. To be honest I was about to walk away because of the condition. Here it is in Fig.1, The clear coat has yellowed to the point of looking like Kevlar and is pealing in many locations. The plan is to keep the airfoil and the mounting bracket on the underside of the wing, the rest of the components will go. It’s good to know people, a family friends neighbor down the street does auto body work and took the striped wing back down to base carbon and re-cleared it for $125 buck! Very happy with the results.

Next, I hit the drawing board to start to understand the overall look, design, and construction. You’re probably asking why I didn’t just go with APRs kit for the Lotus or a full on Voltex wing. Reason being the cost for some of the higher end wings, I can’t justify >$2000 on a wing and to be honest I don’t like the wing uprights of the APR kit. That said, my dimensions for heights are based off of the Voltex wing (Thanks to Jon @trackspec for letting me take measurements). As far as mounting strategy to the clam I will use the same approach @luxige did in his build using the marine hatch hinges (Fig.3). I will have a complete cost breakdown at the end. From drawing to the first initial mock up in Fig. 5 you can see the original mounting bracket attached to 6mm foam board utilizing the marine hinges as the base.

Now that the base is figured out it was time to determine the wing angle or attack (AOA). Yes I know the GTC series wings are considered “drag monsters”, but I’m hoping for the majority of the NorCal tracks I run this won’t kill my straightaway speeds to much (minus Laguana and maybe front straight at THill East). That said, I will be running 5 degrees AOA at center which effectively puts the wing ends closet to 16-17 degrees. Highlighted in Red 5 degree AOA will gain around ~90 lbf @ 80mph and ~200lbf @ 120mph. The bracket in Fig.4 above has 6 levels of adjustment so I will be able to play around as needed.

Vehicle mock up day, the first look at what the wing will eventually be! The uprights needed some dialing in to match the curvature of the rear clam as well as the underside of the airfoil. The height was a bit to high so I will need to cut about 50mm out in the final design. I was also able to get the rough location of where it will mount to the clam, ~100mm from the back edge of the clam and 760mm wide for the wing stand. The GTC wing came with mounting locations for the uprights at 1080mm, so I will be drilling and attaching new epoxy’d rivnuts in at the desired distance for the Lotus. The overall look is exactly what I was going for. Time to order some carbon for the uprights and endplates!

All parts were ordered and templates have been made. At this point we can calculate the total cost of the project. At $609.16 it did come in over budget but the results really speak for themselves. We have a strong beautiful wing that solved for my other 2 criteria. If I would have done the sanding and clear coat myself I might have been able to save $75.00, but the gentleman that did it for me said he had nearly 15 hours in it.

The uprights are made out of (2) 3mm sheets laminated together with BSI epoxy to give us an effective thickness of 6mm (Fig.8). To do this I lathered a thin coat on both sided and clamped it together for 24 hours. The following day I cut the carbon laminated plates with the dermal tool to the desired shape and sanded the edges. At the same time I used a bit of left over epoxy to mount new rivnuts into the bottom of the wing (Fig.9)

The support structure in the trunk that braces the clam internally was made out of Aluminum flat and L bar and ties directly to factory mounting locations of the clam to the support rails. In fig.10 you can see mock up and Fig.12 being the final product

Very happy with the outcome, a one off piece that I can say I designed. Enjoy!


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