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Awesome. I think that is a good possibility! :up:

I thought about A/C relay as well (as that thread talks about), as I had engine cutting off issue with the A/C on in the past. I got the A/C relay replaced and that took care of the problem.

I guess it's time to get the DBW throttle body checked. Do you think that can cause P0420 (Catalyst efficiency below threshold)? :shrug:


Just FYI, here's a list of things replaced so far under warranty.

- ECU (replaced)
- catalyst/downpipe (replaced 2x)
- camshafts (replaced)
- O2 sensors (replaced)
- fuel injectors and coil packs (replaced)
- exhaust (Stage-II cracks, replaced 4x)
- wiring harnesses
- passenger-side rear turn-signal (replaced)
- front/right turn-signal housing (replaced)
- A/C relay (replaced)
I don't think the throttle body would cause the P0420 code, but you might want to contact Charliex for an affirmative on that.

You certainly have had a lot of stuff replaced already on your car. :eek: I sure hope this problem turns out to be something simple.
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