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Laguna Seca Trackday yesterday

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Did a track day at Laguna Seca yesterday.
It was my second time with the car set up as it is. Since I don't have a lap timer (probably because I don't care too much about my times) there is no data to go with the video.

Anyway, I suck at T3, T4, T6, T9 (etc) :facepalm
The woosh sound is courtesy of Radium :shift:
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Absolute power does what?
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You looked to be holding your own in that run group. ?
Give yourself some credit. It really sounded like you were steaming your shirts while driving. Lol.
Please post your track videos here as well:
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I completely agree - I think you're doing pretty damn well from what I watched. Granted I only watched the first lap but you seemed very smooth especially with your throttle inputs. I didn't hear any stabbing at the throttle or early on-off-on-off-on with your right foot and you seemed to be hitting most of your apexes pretty spot on. While sure, there is speed and time there that will come with lap after lap after lap....

You should connect with Frank Amoroso (that's his LT name too) as he moved to the bay area last fall and is getting a fair bit in his car lately. He has an '05 Elise with the Rev300 kit so really damn fast car.

Thanks for sharing, always fun to see a Lotus in it's natural habitat!

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I've been trying to be smooth first and try to go faster later :)
Some of the lines are probably to be worked on and I think I am way too slow in turn 9, although it's a tricky one and I've seen a bunch of people go off at that spot.

I brake too early at #3 or at least I coast before actually braking which is not good. Turn 11 could be better. I did notice that I can outbreak most cars going into T2 and yet I still think I brake too early and I have the impression that at the first apex of T2 I'm almost stopped or something, it's weird.

I was also a lot better at T7 on my race bike (400cc) than I'm in my car, just like T1 at thunderhill, not sure why.

Anyway, at least I passed the sound control even though I thought that the BOV might trigger it but possibly, it's just loud inside and not so much outside.

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In addition to the video I wanted to give some details about the car:


GUT Splitter
APR GTC-200 Wing
APR Canards
5 part Diffuser (Difflow)


AEM Boost gauge (analog)
AEM A/F Gauge (analog)
Bride racing seat
5 pt Harness
S111 Harness bar
SYSPACK from S111
Steering wheel (Nardi?) + Bell Quick disconnect.


Nitron 2-way with stiff springs (650/700)
S111 Wheels 15" & 16"
Hancook C51/C71 (205/15 & 245/16)
S111 Toe Link brace


A/C delete
S111 oil lines
Motor mounts
ACT 6 pad racing clutch
Fidenza Flywheel
Quaife Differential
Mahle low compression pistons
Ferrera Valves, springs and retainers
MWR forged connecting rods
Studs (can't rememeber the type)
Cosworth head gasket .80mm

Radium FST
Radium Turbo kit
Radium Fuel rail
Radium Intercooler
Radium EMS (AEM 4) Tuned by FFTEC (Hayward, CA)

All the tricky work was done by Dieschwerks (which I probably mispelled), that is transmission and motor internals. The rest, I installed myself exception made of the electronics (gauges) which were set up by FFTEC.

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Your laps are looking pretty good. Line is nice, you're using the whole track. T3 and T4 look good, they're mid-apex turns, which is somewhat uncommon at local tracks. Your line into the corkscrew and 9 looks good. Give yourself a pat on the back and just get more seat time :)
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