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Bigger wheels = more weight

More rotational mass = slower acceleration

(even) lower profile tyres = more sudden breakaway (less margin) on the edge

The 16/17" combo on the S2 is already for 'marketing' reasons. The Lotus engineers wanted to keep the 15/16" setup from the S1 as it's a better setup.

The S1 was actually even originally designed to use 14/15" wheels as that was 'optimal' from a handling and weight perspective, but this was getting too tight for the brake size and marketing decisions changed that.

I'd think very hard and long about fitting bigger wheels (unless you want it for the "bling bling" factor! :D )

Keeping the diameter, but going to a somewhat wider setup (eg. 7J front, 8J rear) to accomodate (semi)slicks is an option though. For real slicks you probably get a wider choice in tyres by going back to a 15/16" setup.

Make sure you uprate the suspension in this case though as the standard setup gets overwhelmed by the additional grip, making it unsettled in long fast corners.

Bye, Arno.
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