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2005 Bordeaux Red Pearl Lotus Elise
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I wanted to share my thoughts on the Larini clubsport exhaust for my 05 elise, I couldn't find a lot of examples online so this was a bit of a leap of faith so to speak for me. I didn't like the stock exhaust and it left a lot to be desired in my option. The car sounds very lively now and is borderline too loud for me on the interior but i think i will learn to love the noise (or just drive with ear plugs)!

I did this work myself in a Chicago parking deck in about 6 hours with handtools (minus the andle grinder). Be sure to eat your wheaties before attempting to remove the stock exhaust, even with penetrating oil it was a lot of work for me to break everything loose.

1. I had to borrow a neighbors angle grinder to make the exhaust hole in my diffuser larger (I had to trim off the rounded center knobs to make the diffuser exit more oval shaped.) However this isn't noticable unless you are underneath the car, no regrets on this for me.
2. Drone, lots of drone. Even more than stock. Not a big deal to me seeing that this is my weekend car and not a daily driver.
3. It does drown out some intake noise.

1. Great noise at high rpm, no pops or burbles from my test drive after installation but great progressive decibels as you push on the loud pedal. Idle is lower pitched and has more mid/low tones than stock.
2. Lighter than stock.
3. The extra audible feedback from the exhaust note helped me with rev matched downshifts and hnt shifting.
4. high rpm throttle response seemed to improve.

Other Comments:
1. No noticible impacts to power, i wasn't expecting performance gains from this alone.
2. Lead time was a month from blackwatch racing but they took care of me and i will be buying more parts from them in the future!




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Nice! Hello from Northern IL burbs.
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