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Larini install

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I've just bought a Larini sport exhaust for my Elise (MK2 111S year 2004) but I don't know how to install it, if anyone had some tips or a tuto it would be great ! Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

If it is bolt-on compatible as it was for my 2005? The following is what I did:
1. remove the rear bottom diffuser panel to uncover the muffler.
2. loosen the large hose clamp.

The muffler is suspended at the top by a rod on each side. The rod slides into rubber mounting blocks held in place by clamps.

3. on the passenger side, completely remove the rubber mounting stuff.

It is impossible to remove the mounting stuff on the driver's side without removing many other exhaust parts.

4. carefully jockey/rotate the muffler while sliding it towards the passenger side in order to slide the driver's side mounting rod out of the rubber mounting block.

I used never seez on the driver's side rod to make it easier to insert the new muffler.
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