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I'm sure there are many other exhaust review threads out there... but hey, why not one more. This is on my 2005 Lotus Elise.

I was hunting around for a comparison picture yesterday and I couldn't find one. Even on google images. I found plenty of club sports and the oval tipped ones but not the dual slash tips. So here are a few pictures.

This Larini exhaust also sticks out much further than OEM; I don't mind it but it's not as subtle in looks as the OEM exhaust or stage 2.

Also, this being one of the quieter exhausts out there... it's still pretty loud. At idle, no real increase. But 3k and above, it's very audible when you're on the gas. I love it though; just how a car like this should sound. Deeper than I expected, which is good. It doesn't sound like a rice burner. I also have a Subaru WRX so the deeper and more rumble the exhaust has, the better IMO. The crackles and pops when letting off the gas are amazing...

As Larini says on their website, the exhaust "howls." I think that's a good term to describe it.

(The last car it was on)
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