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I forgot to post up on LT! oops

If anyone wants to attend we have a few spots in Begginer and Advanced. Intermediate is Sold Out.

All Details Here 6/9/12 Road Course and Side by Side Event (FULL DAY) | SHIFT S3CTOR.

Track Address:
3500 75th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560

When: 6/9/12 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Last year, we had our first Road Course, Side by Side Racing event and it was a huge success. We come back to Willow Springs Raceway, Saturday, June 9th to do it all again! Those that sign up for the whole day will get 4 road course sessions (20 cars maximum per run group), and in the afternoon, we will do some side by side racing down the front straight. For those that have never been on the road course, or have not tried the side by side racing, this is a perfect day to get your chance to do both. All levels of driver experience, types of cars, and horsepower levels are allowed. We offer free instruction for beginner drivers. Helmets are available for rent. Professional photography CD's are available for purchase through Pierce 42 Photography at the track. Come say hi to our first SHIFT-S3CTOR girls at this event!

Spectators are welcome!

This event WILL sell out, register early and don't miss out.

***Timing transponders will not be available for rent at this event*** We recommend downloading timing apps such as Harry's Lap Timer for iphone or Trackmaster for android.

7:00 Registration & Tech Inspection
7:30 Mandatory Drivers Meeting
8:30 Red
8:55 Blue
9:20 Yellow
9:45 Red
10:10 Blue
10:35 Yellow
11:00 Red
11:25 Blue
11:50 Yellow
12:15 Red
12:40 Blue
1:05 Yellow
1:30 SBS meeting OR open track
1:50 SBS course set up
2:00 SBS
5:00 Close

Jason Porsche Cayman S 300hp
Kalon Bmw 328 225hp A
Chad Porsche Cayman S 300hp
Randall Bmw M3 414hp
Mike Subaru Sti 340hp
Stephanie Chevrolet ZR1 650hp
Ricky Nissan GTR 650hp
Anthony Mitsubishi Evo X 420hp
Toan Bmw M3 500hp
GSR Autosport Porsche BSR
GSR Autosport Porsche BSR
Yan Nissan GTR 650hp
Erik Bmw M3 420hp
Reserved for AE Performance
Reserved for AE Performance
Reserved for AE Performance
Eric M BMW M3 414hp

Greg McLaren MP4-12C 592hp
Edward Porsche 997TT 775hp
Armik Ford GT 850hp
Chris Ford Mustang GT 412hp
Steve Porsche 996TT 680hp
Matt Chevrolet C6 Z06 600hp
Chaz Nissan GTR 650hp
Chris Chevrolet Corvette 436
George Mitsubishi Evo IX 270
Mike Mazdaspeed3 300
Jonathan Porsche 996TT 649hp
Carlo BMW 335i 440hp
Jason Mercedes CLS63 669hp
James Subaru Sti 345hp
Larry BMW M3 625hp
Nicholas Chevrolet Corvette Z06 515hp
Brandon Mitsubishi EVO 490hp
Yan Nissan GTR 650hp
Yapeng Nissan GTR 545hp
Tian Dodge Viper 600hp Joseph Chevrolet C6 ZR1 638hp
Eric Porsche 997 Turbo S 600hp

Adam Bmw 335i 444hp
Jimmy BMW M6 580hp
Daniel Bmw 335i 300hp
Joseph Subaru Sti 305hp
Gabriella Acura TSX 200hp
Erik Nissan GTR 530hp
Lenny Mercedes E63 530hp
Jeffrey BMW 335i 420hp
Doug Chevrolet Corvette 650hp
Drew Bmw M3 ESS 700hp
Doug BMW M5 507hp
Wilbur Porsche Spyder 350hp
Kevin Acura TSX 200hp
Christina Cadillac CTS-V 550hp
Eric Merecedes C63 570hp
Dallas Mercedes C63 488hp
Tito Porsche 996TT 800hp
Mikey Nissan 350Z 330hp
Matt Mazda 3 270hp
Jorge Scion FRS 200hp
Rob Mercedes E350 250hp

Orbell Porsche 996TT 750hp
Mike Porsche 997GT2 700hp
Steve BMW 335i 650hp
Terry BMW 135i 500hp
Ed Nissan GTR 600hp
Alex Nissan GTR 650hp
Nico Nissan GTR 900hp
Tristan Mitsubishi Evo8 1000hp
Frank Toyota Supra 700hp
Carlos Mustang Cobra 640hp
Charlie Nissan GTR(Alpha 7) 650hp
Patrick Honda S2000 420hp
Robert Chevrolet C6 Z06 570hp
Sid Porsche 996TT 700hp
Prem BMW 335i 650hp
Alex Nissan GTR 650hp
Saeed Mercedes CLS63 550hp
Vahid BMW M6 507hp
Roman BMW M3 575hp

Hope to see you there! :shift:
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