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I've found that a good blip of the throttle is a nice way to start the car moving quickly. I haven't paid attention to the rpm's but I'd guess the tach is near 3500-4000 rpms when I let the clutch out with normal speed. Then you want to give it 1/2 throttle and increase it to full pretty quickly. This works for me and I haven't noticed the clutch slipping. Of course, if you want the ultimate launch, you really want to get the rev's to around 7,000 rpms when you let out the clutch. I did this once with the stock wheels/tires and they did spin but hooked up nicely. The A048s grip a lot more so the clutch will probably be the part to take the abuse. Either way, I'd find a happy medium so your car doesn't get abused.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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