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LCS invited to GGLC autoX July 18th

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The Golden Gate Lotus Club autoX in Marina, CA would like to extend an invitation to those participating in the Laguna Seca LCS event.

The Marina airstrip is 30 mins away from Laguna Seca. The GGLC is one of the best organized AutoX events I've attended. Lots of runs on a great surface. There will be people there that can help instruct you if you would like or just have at it.

You're going to be there with your car anyways. Why not stay an extra day and tear it up with some NorCal Lotus owners. It'll help you develop great habits for lower speed technical turns on the track. Plus you get to drive your car at 10/10!

If anyone is interested please contact me at someknucklehead(at)Yahoo(døt)com. so you'll be able to sign up during the members only period. This event will sell out so let me know ASAP!

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Fantastic idea Jacob - I'd love to see how a 211 does at an AutoX

I call dibs on a ride :D
Jacob- thanks a bunch for helping set this up.

In doing both autocross and track days, I certainly have found the autox to be helpful on the track. Especially on the the lower speed 2nd gear stuff. In the case of Laguna, turn 11. Considering that one leads to the main straight but also has hard walls on both the inside and out, one to be careful with but at the same time stay somewhat aggressive.

One of our coaches also has some seat time at Laguna and has put down some pretty good times there (not even mentioning that he came away with the top autox driver award last season).

We do sell out in about a week. At which point it's on to a waiting list. There is hard cap on the amount of drivers, to keep the run count up.

Larry (GGLC Autocross Chairman)
Bump. If your thinking of autoX please tell me ASAP while the member sign up period is going on. As soon as it's open to non members it will sell out.
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