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Since the series is planning on events in Florida and the northeast and I have interest* in participating I’d like to know what is the procedure for rule/class changes?

I'd like to discuss tightening up the classes and the TT format not being a one-off lap.

I do not think that a Time Attack format necessarily is the best method for determining who the fastest driver and/or who has the fastest car. Not only are you just waiting around all day for one lap (not an inexpensive lap from a cost basis) but using just one ending lap allows for unfavorable variables to enter the mix, e.g., Q tires, Q setup, weather such as a downpour. One mistake can tarnish you entire event! Making this about who has the biggest tire budget just seems odd to me. Even when you race around cones in a parking lot with a ridiculous over steer setup isn’t it a combined time that wins?

If the idea is to foster wheel-to-wheel racing why not make the last run session the TT? Just put all the cars on the track and let them go at each other and set the best time. It's done that way in most all road racing here and abroad. Importantly, it develops race craft – the very thing that wheel-to-wheel racing is about. .

(Humpy Wheeler thinks the best option for NASCAR is to place multiple cars on the track at once just as the Nationwide series does on road courses. Montreal was entertaining to watch. Whoever is fastest overall wins the pole.)

*Driver must have amateur status to compete in the LCS. Any driver who has won money or taken a salary for racing may not compete in the LCS without approval of the LCS committee 10 days prior to the event to determine if the driver can compete. The LCS committee will rule in fairness of competition and all involved on a case by case basis.
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