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LED Ring "Halo" Lights (Angel Eyes)

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I bought 4 of these from SuperBrightLEDs but I only ended up using 2 of them. They're the perfect size for the bottom (high beams) but a little too big for the top. They plug right into the socket where the "parking light" goes. I also like them since they have a diffuser ring.

LED Angel Eye Headlight Accent Lights with T3-1/4 Adapter | LED Angel Eyes | LED Accent Lighting | Super Bright LEDs

Here's what they look like installed:

Since I paid $40 + shipping and they're brand new, I'm asking $40 shipped.
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Can you take a picture during the day to see how it looks like? like the idea.
They look awesome during the day. It's really hard for me with my point and shoot to do justice since without HDR it looks like a blur in photos.

This was the only picture that showed the "halo" effect, but the color temperature is all messed up :(. In person you can clearly see a bright crisp halo from any distance.


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