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It was widely told that the greatest race on Earth would be on Fox Sports 1 and 2 starting early Saturday morning.

Turns out they decided to put World Cup Soccer on instead. Yawn.

The race is porported to now be on Velocity Channel 246 on Dish.

My how I long for the good old days of Speed Channel.

Dish are horrendous to have their program guide be something different from what is actually shown. Let鈥檚 see what happens in a few hours.

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Velocity has the sole rights this year. Good news is they are showing the whole race without a break (using the Eurosports feed). Bad news is you have to have cable, and they made WEC geoblock the streaming of the race on WEC's app (which allows you to switch from the main feed to an in car feed to timing and scoring) in North America.

If you have Motor Trend on demand you can live stream in car footage from a number of cars (including the LMP1 Toyota). Was watching the in car from one of the 911 RSRs this morning (car sounds fantastic) and the speed that the P1 cars go past is quite something.

Too bad there are no Lotus cars in either of the GT classes.

I'm going to the Petersen this afternoon to watch the race and see Le Man cars in the vault.

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Thought it was this weekend!!!!
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