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Let's get that pitted rocker film freshened up for LOG!

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It's quite easy to install yourself and I include instructions and a squeegee.

Ordering could not be simpler now, just follow these links.

Chuforia graffix

Chuforia graffix

I will also trade for front Pagid blue brake pads, or fresh front ToyoR888 tires if anyone has any just stinking up their garage.
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I am still working on my Elise front plinth removal and in doing so removed the starshield from the front section of the car. Would the 6 or 24" be difficult to apply after I finish painting and clear coating? Would it match the 3m starshield still on the car?
OK I don't see a custom Elise front bumper on your site. Can you quote me what that would be or pm me if you prefer? as I am sure I am going to get a deal...right. I am going to get a discount as I deserve it and my daddy...sorry I was channeling my sister from sorry. Back to our regular scheduled post.
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