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Weissach in Van has a new 2011 Elise. I think they are asking $69,900 Offer em $64 and they will probably go for it. Used Elise in Canada are pretty rare and are priced at a premium compared to the US. (and you can't import on from the US....don't waste your time trying....ask how I know).

Gentry Lane in TO has one used 2009 SC Type 25 . No idea what they are asking for it though. (I would guess somwhere between 60K & 65K)

Scotti in Montreal has 4 Elises a base 2009 for +56k, 3 x 2009 SC's 63K - 65K and a base 2011 at around 65K

There is a 2006 at $46k private in Van. 2006 Lotus Elise . I know the car and it's changed hands a few times...
And this SC Elise in Van 2006 Lotus Elise SC at +48k.

If you are serious about either of these I would be happy to have a look at them for you. I would have Stuart at Wiessach look at them though (worth whatever he asks) to check 'em out in the shop before buying.

That's all the elises that I know of, dealer or private, that I know of in all of Canada that are for sale right now. I do know of a 1996 or 1997 (can't remember which year it is) RHD rover engine Elise that was imported to Canada that is for sale and even that one is asking +25K I believe.

Unfortunately the number of Elises in Canada is very small and the demand for them keeps the prices up (don't you US guys wish you could import to Canada..) so even used Elises are have only lost 10% or less of their original sale price if they are well maintained.

I do hear of one once in a while though so I will pm you if I hear of something. Do you have a $ figure in mind?

Feel free to PM me.

I came across this one it's supposedly a Canadian car so it may be that it can be brought back...I'd do my homework on this first though.
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