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SOLD: Like new non lss silver spoked wheels with AD07 tires

Hey guys

SOLD :nanner2:

I removed these at under 300 miles from my 05 to put on a set of of LSS sized RACs. These are near perfect, no curbs of course, the only spot to note is some 1/8th inch vertical scratches around the tire bead where movers stacked and slid one on top of another. I tried to take good pics of that spot but when they are clean you can barely see them, which is a good thing. The tires are in great shape as to be expected. I can include wheel caps, but they are sun faded, and for $40, you're better off getting your own.

New, tires are $924 + shipping ($194 *2, $268*2) without shipping from the tire rack, and wheels go for around $600-$700 or so used in this condition.

Prefer local pickup in CT, but will ship if I have to (will crate them @ your expense at a packing company - you pay actual cost). I would like to get $1100 for these to offset the purchases I made lately.


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