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Limited Slip Diff for Rover K series [LSD]

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I have an Elise series 2 with the Rover K series engine and gearbox.

Does anybody know if a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is available for this car, from somebody like Quaife, or Kaaz. Web searches have turned up nothing for me.

This is the same powertrain fitted to the Rover MGF, and I believe there is a LSD option for the MGF, does anybody know anything about it?

Thanks in advance
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Rover has them. Quaife definitely sell them.

But... Why do you need one? Do you have a 190+ HP VHPD engine?

LSD is of pretty questionable use for the Elise, except in very specific usage. Even the Elise race series cars series didn't use them.

Bye, Arno.
From the research I have done - the Quaife unit isn't needed until you go above 200hp and then it is still questionable.

Many say that it upsets the handling of the car.
I need one becuase I often get an inside wheel spinning up. When it rains, when I push hard in 1st or 2nd gear around a 90 deg bend, and on the track around similar 90 deg corner.

Also, I like to oversteer :), and you can't do power oversteer very easily with an inside wheel spinning up!

Based on the info you provided the best bet would be a Quaife differential.

Lotus Elise (PG1) QDF28K1 £495.00
Power oversteer isn't the fast was around a track either......
That's my point.

Most people will never get inside-rear lift because they are driving the "correct" way around a track.
I have a friend who fitted an LSD to a 944 Porsche. He is a very experienced driver, it improved his track lap times by around 2 seconds on a 2 minute lap.

The simple fact is, even with my low power elise, I have been experiencing one wheel spinning in both wet and dry conditions, and I wanted to know if an LSD was available to limit it. True, on the track I only experienced it on one particular corner, and that was when I was trying to provoke a bit of "fun" oversteer.

aletes thanks for your help, you answered my question

Quaife LSD's is also overbuilt and VERY heavy. It's unneccessary unless you are boosted and making significantly more torque.

Best bet is a LSD from a MRS Spyder.
He has a S2 with a Rover lump - the Spyder unit won't do him any good.
agree with all the above - you dont need one, and most of the guys that race dont use one - Im running 230bhp/190lb/ft out of my K series and Ive never had a problem on track...mind you, I dont have a problem getting oversteer either !
I have the Quaiffe ATB in my S2 111s. It's a bundle of fun when going round roundabouts. I can nail the throttle and I get lovely power slides without trying that hard. Is it worth buying? Not for the money, no. Have you got stacks of cash to burn? yes? then buy one. has them.

BTW, every S2 that I've seen on the track in Asia that has fitted one, has improved their laptime by a bit. They main thing is they have improved tyre wear which means they can do many more laps on the same set of tyres.
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