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background: since 2009, the lincoln airpark has played host to the prosolo finale and solo national championship every september (i.e., autox). i will be in attendance for the fourth year in a row, this time racing an '82 reynard FF1600 in CM. this trip is extra special for me personally though, because i will be buying a competitor's elise after he's finished, and driving it back to it's new home in oregon. i've done this drive before, and every year i take a different way back. nothing against western nebraska and wyoming, but the drive through there on I-80 is the most painfully boring section of road i've ever driven on!!

the car: '05 ardent red elise w/ sport/touring/hardtop and factory LSD/TC retrofit.

the route: Adventurous Drive Back from Nats - Google Maps
i've never had the pleasure to experience mt. rushmore/crazy horse/deadwood/devils tower first hand, so i figure now is as good a time as any. it'll add a couple hundred miles to my trip but i think it'll be worth it. haven't been to yellowstone since i was a kid either.

suggestions: anybody been through the areas i'm planning on driving through? especially between devils tower/old faithful and onward from there, i'm wondering if there's any "can't miss" places i should be stopping at?

i'll be sure to snap a lot of pics and post them up here when i get back.
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