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Nice collection of press release and articles in one place. I'm certainly not going to consider joining this Lotus Club though. I live in LA and they're in San Francisco. Can you imagine the drudgery of driving up the coast to meetings ? The horror, all those hours, up Hiway 1, along the Pacific coast, in an Elise. The mere thought is too much to bear.:)

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The GGLC has many many members that are not based in the Northern California.

We are a volunteer based club that is dedicated to promoting the Lotus marque and making Lotus ownership fun!

Honestly, our meetings are enjoyable, but the events, the comradery, the newsletter, the website are the core.

In 2004 we've will have at 6-8 Lotus Track Days, host the West Coast Lotus Meet in Tahoe (autocross, tours, track day, cruise, etc), plus other runs, picnics, shows, the website will continue to openly share Lotus news, in valuable technical tips/articles, parts interchange lists and more.

Bottomline, if you'd like to be a part of such an club and support its work then join! We'd love to have you.

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