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Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious

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Hi y'all being as there's a fair proportion of friends across the big pool.

Firstly I still love my car but she has'nt beheen behaving well at all. That's how I came to find you lot of knowledgeable people.

One front end removal to restore a heater resistor pack
one front end removal to replace heater resistor pack and a new heater
3x driver side indicator units whick keep snapping
Alarm malfunction, battery, buzzing noises, wild behaviour

Otherwise she is beautiful fantastic responsive. In comparision to some of the mods being undertaken by some of the members this all pales to insignificance.

Lotus have announced here in the Uk a new desert storm camoflage colour (correct spelling!!). So my dealer arranged for the car to be sent away to the factory for respray. I anxiously waited and when I saw it, it was Absolutely superb, took it to the beach got out, sunbathed with my crumpet for a couple of hours, had some beer, went to look for the car but couldn't find it!!!!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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