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Local "great drives" question.....

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I’d like a little help from the local peeps. Finally got my Lotus, after lurking for 4 years) and once again I’m interested in taking unnecessary drives going nowhere on nice sunny days ( the NSX just didn’t motivate me this way ).

So, I’m looking for some interesting roads that are in the general area, within an hour or two of the south suburbs. I know of a few great short roads right in my neighborhood, mostly around the Palos Woods area but I need suggestions.

I’ve driven around the Galena area, and I know there are some great drives in southern Wis / Mich areas. I did a serach a found a few threads, but looking for more info.

Can anyone recommend any specific roads / drives that you enjoy in the general area. Does anyone have a favorite “Loop” that they can recommend? Looking for something that could be two / three hours long or the whole afternoon….

Thanks for the help…..
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There are some NICE stretches around here (Chi area)...but that prob isn't what you want. If you want a nice run, you'll have to look a bit further. For instance, the Stage Coach Trail out towards Rockford ---magnificent (relative to IL). Same goes for Apple River Canyon (more towards Galena). There are still some nice roads up by Huntley, but the urban sprawl has cut them up into sections.
If you want to head South or west, look at the Momence area or Starved Rock areas, respectively.

john m / ml1
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