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Locking Wheel Bolts for Evora

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While browsing my owners manual on my 2013 Evora, it stated that the car was equipped with one locking wheel bolt per tire. Upon further inspection, my car does not have any locking wheel bolts. What's everyone else's take on these? Should I purchase them to protect my wheels from being taken? Or are these things more trouble than they're worth, with potentially losing the key or having it damaged? I think someone else mentioned in a wheel thread that Lotus rims don't fit on anything else on the market; I'm not sure if that's true. If I never park in a questionable area, do you think I should bother?
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No wheel lock, at least in US market. However we still need the special key fir the "star" head bolts. Not sure that these wheels don't "fit" other cars, first definition of fit to the three finger market is sketchy, if it bolts on and turns it fits. Also the three finger market is after style first.
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