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Hi All:

Several members are LOG 24 bound from the far West and Midwest. The caravan will leave St. Louis Thursday morning September 9th after the arrival of the Los Angeles and Denver contingents.

We will travel thorugh Southern Illinois meeting other LOG goers (namely people from Chicago and the north central regions of the USA) in Mount Vernon Illinois. The Kentucky and Indiana LOG groups will meet us in sunny Paducha Kentucky. Then it's off toward Nashville and Chatanooga Tennessee for more Lotus Ltd. members with a brief stop in Huntsville Alabama for more caravaners to LOG. Finally arriving at the fine Southern hospitality of The Wynfrey Hotel in Birminham for all the LOG 24 activities.

If you'd like to make the ride with us, drop me an e-mail at [email protected] so we can add you to the list. If you'd like to catch the caravan before St. Louis or anywhere along the way, I can point you to the right people.

Happy Lotusing!

Mark Pfeffer - Grand Poobah St. Louis Area Lotus Lovers

LOG 24 Information
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