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Although most of us gather at LOG each year to meet up with old friends, drive through scenic landscapes, share old stories, show off the Lotus, partake in an autocross, test their driving skill on a race track and hear Lotus luminaires speak, it is also a great opportunity to learn a great deal about the world of Lotus. At LOG 29 we've arrange six different tech session where you'll be able to explore several facets of the Lotus world. These tech sessions are meant to be interactive and asking questions is encouraged.

If you've ever done a track day you've noticed that there are always some drivers who seem to effortlessly fly around the track faster than everyone else. I've got a secret for you: its not their cars, its their driving. The first tech session of the LOG weekend will be a discussion of how to get around a track more quickly. Leading this discussion will be three experts in the field. Andy Pilgrim, David Murray and Doc Bundy are all very experienced racers with a lifetime of track wisdom to share. They'll discuss the basics of high performance car dynamics as well as performance driving theory. If you love track time you won't want to miss out on this opportunity. This tech session will take place Friday, May 29th at 4 PM in the Wynfrey Hotel.

The second tech session of the weekend will be a master course on the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Lotus collection. The man responsible for the acquisition, restoration and maintenance of these classic race cars, Lee Clark, will be giving a walking tour of the collection, highlighting significant details about each Lotus on display and pointing out their historical significance. The Barber museum has never offered such a behind-the-scenes look at their collection like this before. This tech session will take place Saturday, May 30th at 2 PM at the Barber Museum, just as the LOG 29 Concourse is finishing.

The third tech session is open to all LOG partipants, but required for those signed up for the Accident Avoidance training. Frank Cozza will be discussing the techniques employed in emergency situations (braking, steering, car control) that will be practiced in the Accident Avoidance exercises. This tech session takes place on Saturday at 3:30 in the Barber Museum's Barber Room, found on the ground floor.

If you're a fan of modern sports car racing you won't want to miss Tech Session #4. Hypersport Engineering, based out of Atlanta Georgia, has taken a stock Exige and created a world class race car out of it. Imagine an Exige with a widened body, upgraded suspension and brakes and a massive turbo charger. Kurt Wightman, the man behind Hypersport Engineering, will have the Hypersport Exige on hand and will be discussing its design, development and performance. This tech session will be taking place Sunday, May 31st at 1:30 PM in the front of the Wynfrey Hotel.

The fifth tech session of the weekend is brought to us by Sector111. Shinoo Mapleton will be discussing engine transplants in the Elise/Exige 111 chassis. Sector111 recently teamed up with Secant Engineering to perfect the installation of a GM Ecotec engine into the Exige. This tech session will occur on Sunday at 3 PM in the Wynfrey Hotel Riverchase A room.

The last tech session of the LOG weekend is another one for the track junkie. Jim Roberts, veteren race driver, will be giving a chalk talk on the ins and outs of driving the Barber Track, known as one of the most beautiful, challenging and technical road courses in North America. He will be discussing track safety basics and the proper line around the track. In-car video of the track will be used to demonstrate the quickest way around. This tech session will be mandatory for all participating in Monday's track day. This tech session will be held Sunday, May 31st at 9 PM at the Wynfrey Hotel, just after the Sunday night reception finishes.
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Andy Pilgrim, David Murray and Doc Bundy are all very experienced racers with a lifetime of track wisdom to share.
When MickOpalak says that the are very experienced racers he is understating their accomplishments! All were factory X180R drivers. Andy Pilgrim is still driving professionally, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, Chevrolet Corvette factory team, Cadillac CTS-V factory team, NASCAR Busch Series...
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