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Lola to return to F1?

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22 April 2009

Lola is considering its options over a possible return to Formula One as early as next season. The manufacturer, based in East Anglia, constructed a string of Formula One cars from 1962 to as recently as 1997, as well as enjoying success in sports car circles.

With news of a £30 million budget cap option in Formula One from next season onwards, the sport appears as appealing to the company once again, as its executive chairman explained. "The announcement that teams may opt for a prudent, financially responsible cost-capped regime from 2010 has resulted in us deciding to fully evaluate the opportunity to develop a car to compete," said Martin Birrane.

"Providing world-class engineering excellence whilst offering high quality solutions - governed by a tightly controlled financial regime - has been part of Lola's DNA over the last decade. The current necessity for F1 to adopt a responsible approach in times of economic uncertainty has created the ideal conditions for us to consider developing a car for the world championship."

Lola last entered two cars in F1 twelve years ago with MasterCard sponsorship, although never continued after the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. "Lola possesses the technical resources, capability and know-how to develop cars capable of competing at the very highest levels of international motor sport, which includes F1," Birrane continued." Lola is the second team to publically announce its high levels of interest towards the sport, after the USGPE (United States Grand Prix Engineering) - formerly USF1 - team of Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor.

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Here's a pin up picture of Lola ( in case anyone was wondering what she looked like )..... Lotus needs to get back to F1 ! :clap:


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Lola Return

and cost cap in exchange for technical freedom

I think this is actually a good direction for F1. Opening up the technical freedom allows teams to innovate but innovate efficiently. It should stop really expensive developments that are good for 0.05 a lap that other teams just can't afford. It'll also force teams to financially plan to the dime how and where to develop the car.

I'd love to see Lotus return, but only if they can do it from financial sources other than their customer base ;) -- I don't want to see Exige/Elises going for $200,000 ... errrr, wait maybe I do - LOL.

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