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Long Termer Comments

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Okay, I know that's a contradiction here but how about everyone that has gotten their cars post a one or two sentence comment. I kept my request simple because now that you have them you probably don't have much time ot post! Some of you have had them for a month now right?
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I drove it for a month this last week.


2700 miles on the odometer.
Randy Chase said:
I drove it for a month this last week.


2700 miles on the odometer.
That's got to be the most miles on a customer car. I've really appreciated your frank reports. I hope that your personal situation improves so that you can be the first to 50k miles.
Well had my car for 5 weeks, only 1500 miles. It's been a blast, was well worth the wait, makes me grin everytime I go for a drive, bags of fun..............

1 Sentence: I'm a VERY happy camper!
[one or two sentence comment.

1) The car gets way more attention than I thought it would.
2) Check your tire pressures; dealer might not have set 'em
to the proper 26 front, 28 rear.
Long termer comments

Picked up on 8/5/04 620miles.
It's the greatest materialistic piece of art i've ever owened!
Picked mine up on August 6th. Since then I've put 800 miles on it mainly in canyons and I love it to bits!

It's not my daily driver, because I don't want to put 500 miles of freeway a week on it, but every morning it's a struggle not to bring it to work.

Most surprising thing for me (given that I have never had a performance car before, but do drive gocarts 3-4 times a year) is stopping power. acceleration and cornering are incredible, but 60-0 is in the category of unbelievable. I can't get over that you can leave braking way, way late and still come up way short.

(don't do this with _any_ vehicle behind you)
The Liz is the most fun car I’ve ever owned. I find myself planning driving trips and seeking out B roads. It’s wonderful to own a car that exists purely to enjoy driving. My signature says it all.
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