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Looking for a race prep shop to do alignment in or around Ohio

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Need to get my 06 Elise properly aligned, also need info on a good place to get my clutch changed.


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Get out the plastic trash bags (slip plates), strings (fishing line), spacer bars, jack stands, tape measures (toe plates), vernier calipers and digital levels. Takes some time but good results are possible.:D Several posts on how to do it. Be sure to balast the car the way you will use it.
I just drove a four-hour round-trip last month to see this shop. Well worth it in my opinion. Used them several times, including an alignment on my Esprit.

The Alinement Shop (Yes, that's the way it's spelled)
468 West Ave
Tallmadge, OH (near Akron)
(330) 633-4696

If you're anywhere near these guys, they really understand alignments. The shop is unimpressive to look at - nothing electronic involved. The owner has raced midget and sprint cars for years. Very friendly and willing to answer questions and address concerns.

I have no connection other than being a happy customer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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