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Looking for a reccomended Lotus Tech Near Lakenheath

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Just looking for someone within 10-20 min who might be able to come look at my Exige if I cant get it started tomorrow. If anyone is in the UK and would be willing to help or knows of a good contact it would be much appreciated if you could point me in the right direction.

The Exige wasnt happy sitting on a ship for a month and a half and part of the issue was a dead battery but we resolved that (new batter) and the car would turn over but it wouldnt kick. Gonna head back tomorrow and check the plugs make sure they are sparking but other than that I have very few ideas. The car is a 2006 but it only has 5300 miles on it and it drove fine before it was on the boat so Im kinda stuck as to what the issue could be other than wet/gunked plugs.

Anyways feel free to post here or PM me with people you trust with your car over here in the UK
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Stratton motor company is about 30 to 40 minutes from you.

That's where I bought my Exige. They are located in Long Stratton. Here is the info:

Stratton Motor Company
Ipswich Road
Long Stratton
Norfolk NR15 2XJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01508 530491
Fax: 01508 531670

I am sure they can help you out.

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