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Hello from Dubai ... need your help please!

We are looking for a salvage yard in the UK that would likely have available an Exige S1 body which includes the roof.

We are attempting with limited knowledge to build an endurance car for a series out here.

We are using an S1 Elise as a donor and have already removed the K unit to replace with a K20.

Now we would like to tackle the bodywork :shrug:

We have a fibreglass team here that can modify or repair a secondhand front and rear clam.

Couple of questions;
Would it be physically possible to modify an S2 Exige body to an S1 Elise?

We were looking at modifying the front clam to take the S2 lights, can you see any potential problems?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Sounds like a great challenge :)

On availablity of parts perhaps look on Exiges - Forums powered by UBB.threads™ as they will have better info particularly on the UK scene.

I've never heard of anyone putting an S2 body on an S1 but here is an example of the S2 lights on an S1 Exige body.


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