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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I've been reading articles about the Elise for about a year now, and I've loved everything I've seen. To get right down to it- I'll be commissioning as an Officer in the USAF in about a year and a half, and am looking for a "commissioning car" as my class has dubbed their first big buy. Last I saw the base price on the Elise was $40-42k. I'd be looking to buy an '05 Elise around late '06-'07, and was looking for opinions on my choice. As an Officer, I'll be moving around a bit, and while I know the Elise doesn't have much for trunk space, I'm sure U-Haul with a towing bed will suffice :D What do you think the average personal/retailer price will be by then on a low miles Elise? And any word on life expectancy on the car?

Thanks for any input you have. (By the way, I'm loving the pictures section :bow: )

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