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I recently bought my Sport Elise from this dealership and I feel great about it, especially about CharlieC.

We talked quite a bit with him through the forums, he gave me a few calls and was really helpful and overall a great seller.

I went to the dealership in person to look at the car and ended up buying it, they kept all the promises they made about extra equipment that came with it and a license plate bracket.

Now, his boss... well... i don't know what to think, i guess he's used to selling cars to millionaires and i'm not his demographic, he was extremely cautious about letting me test drive the car and taking my personal checks (the car was on consignment). I ended up getting my certified checks without even being able to test drive the car.

I bought an Elise without having it inspected or test driving it, but they are a reputable dealer, CharlieC was cool so i trusted them and never regretted it. All the car really needed was new engine coolant.

I don't really blame his boss for being cautious, they knew the car was fine and that was good enough for me., besides i walked in without letting them know i was going to.

Highly recommend LGLC.
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