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Lotus 04 color range on Aussie site

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HI All,
The below link has most of the colors offered for the US car. Especially nice is that they show it on an Elise.

BTW>Don't freak at the 74,000 price, those are Aussie dollars.

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Great site Chris, thanks for sharing that!

Did you notice the Lotus Sport 111? I wonder if that is the car with the suspension package that has been rumored.

Anyone notice the Paint to sample option under Exterior Specification?

Who supplies the paint to Lotus? BASF? Maybe we can choose an existing BASF color from say, the current Mercedes or BMW lineup. If this is possible, you can see the color on an existing car in person before the Elise is released, and you'd know the color has already gone through extensive fade/wear testing.

And how much will this cost?
I recall reading that they are DuPont colors.

i like the look of the purple. but then again i like them all.
I really like this website. The colors seem much more accurate in regards to what I would expect. I like the navigation also.
Does anyone know what the "16 Spoke OZ" wheels look like? I hope that we get an option for OZ wheels.

Thanks Dan,

Wow, those silver OZ's look great on the blue S2. Mabye I need to rethink my color choice?!

aztec bronze is kind of funky too....
If those are our color choices, I am leaning toward magnetic blue.
Thomasio said:
I recall reading that they are DuPont colors.

Indeed. Here's a (partial) list:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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