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Lotus 23/ Lola Sports racer project for sale

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I am selling a project car without a drivetrain, based on a Lotus 23 layout and body, using Lola 440 suspension corners, new Koni coil over shocks. The roller weighs around 550 lbs, is designed for mid-engined drivetrain. ( I have had a Hayabusa bike engine, and an air-cooled VW SuperVee drivetrain in it). For someone who likes projects, and ultra lightweight track cars. It is complete as a roller, with 3-piece Panasport wheels ( 5.5 by 13 fnt, 9.5 by 13 r) Lola pedal cluster with dual master balance bar set up, pro paint job, full alumin skin undertray, email me for more info. at: [email protected] $9500., OBO Some photos on the Lotus for sale gallery page, look for the Black 23.