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Lotus 26R Wins at Wine Country Classic

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The Wine Country Classic was recently held at Sears Point (Infineon Raceway) in Sonoma. For those that missed the awesome weekend, you also missed John Delane cleaning up Group 6 (1963-1966 Production Sports Cars) in his stunning Lotus 26R.

Here are the results and photo gallery:

2009 Wine Country Classic Results and Photo Gallery | Sports Car Digest

Scroll down a bit for Delane's Lotus. And check out the sideways Morgan SLR a couple pics down from the Lotus...great looking.
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A bit of background.... the car is prep'd by Dave Vegher's shop in Petaluma. Long time Lotus enthusiast, owner and engineer, Barry Spencer did most of the engine work.

The latest is another win at Laguna.

Thanks Kioyshi...what a well turned out Lotus. I love the side angle pic.
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