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Lotus and Harman collaborate on noise cancellation systems

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Via Autoblog..

Lotus Engineering and Harman International have announced a partnership to develop Active Noise Control (ANC) technology for cars. Lotus will continue to develop their existing range of ANC technologies, and Harmon Becker will be the exclusive manufacturer of the systems, which could be customized and sold to OEMs as upscale infotainment sytems. ANC technologies currently being developed by Lotus include Road Noise Cancellation, Engine Order Cancellation, and Electronic Sound Synthesis.
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this should be interesting. I used to work for Harman.
Well, if that don't beat all get out.

I think I just shat myself. Isn't a quiet Lotus sacrilegious?
I wonder if it can cancel only the high frequencies, and make my 1.8l sound more like my wife’s 5.7l
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