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Lotus badges and emblems

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Lotus badges and emblems - SOLD

I have 5 different items for sale: SOLD!

Yellow Emblem Symbol Logo

(From right to left)

1. Rear clam Lotus badge - $85 shipped - almost new with curvature for the clam. No scratches or defects, but the double sided tape needs to be replaced.

2. Front stock Lotus Badge green/yellow - $40 shipped - this item has significant chipping of the top plastic layer. A good clear coat spray would fix it up. Double sided tape needs replacing.

3. Front clam badge black/silver - $40 shipped - chromed metal badge with enamel inlay. Mounting prongs are slightly closer together, and front clam pin holes need to be widened. Slight defect in enamel where it covers part of the chrome. You need to look close to see it.

4. Steering wheel black/silver sticker - Free with any other badge, first come, first serve - there is a slight cut on the left side that you cannot notice while it is mounted. Covers regular steering wheel badge.

5. Small black/silver lotus sticker - $12 shipped - about 22mm. It fits on the back of my NuKey with room to spare.

I will mark items sold when they are sold. PM me for paypal details.
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