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I'd like to come for a visit. :popcorn:

You are most welcome to come for a visit if you ever make it over here. Keep an eye out for the thread I am planning that details my Barn. It will appear in Garage Mahal within few weeks.

Since I have most of the books ever published on Lotus if anybody has any questions as to whether they should spring for one (especially because some of them command a huge amount on the used market) I'll do my best to help them out with a brief review.

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I received this email from Coterie Press.

Please be aware that for the month of July Coterie Press are having a WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE.

The following titles are available for just $20.00 each plus shipping.

Take this fantastic opportunity to add to your Lotus library or to start one. This offer is only available whilst stock lasts.

Lotus 7 & The Independents
Lotus Esprit The Official Story
Lotus Elise The Official Story Continues
The Lotus Book Collectables
Lotus Elite Racing Car for the Road
Lotus The Early Years
Ayrton Senna The Team Lotus Years
Remembering Elio -The Life of Elio De Angelis

All copies are STANDARD EDITIONS only.

These prices are NOT available on our website so please call 303 933 2526 or email [email protected] to place your order.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jo Taylor
Sales & Marketing Manager
I have their Elise, Esprit, McLaren, ANd Lotus Book S2. All excellent

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The updated 2nd Edition of "Lotus Elise" by Alastair Clements (published by Haynes Publishing) is due in November! Lotus Elise - 2nd Edition by Alastair Clements (Haynes Enthusiast Guide)

Picked this up as a Christmas present for myself.

It it truly wonderful...

1) Glossy photos of everything Elise
2) Covers right up to the Evora
3) There is actually "meat" in this book

By "meat" I mean that it covers the development cycle of the Elise from day one. It documents many design decisions, etc. I'm only on page 60 of 200 pages but I already feel like I got my money's worth.

The only caution about this book is it is edition 2 of a book by the same author. Edition 2 has a different name than edition 1. So if you have edition 1 you might not feel that it is worth updating.
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