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I'm cautiously optimistic that the next and third LCS Event at Streets of Willow on May 28th will be a GO! This event is a one-day event, LOTUS Cars ONLY and is limited to a maximum of 20 participants/cars. The event is being put on in association with Speed Ventures. Aaron will be there with his timing equipment and will be conducting the time trial. Timing results for each practice session will be posted in the typical SV manner. We will have a full corner worker crew and Fire&Safety will be in attendance.

We will have 2 run groups with 10 cars each, so there will be plenty of "empty" track time/practice before the time trial. In fact, each participant will have seven 30 minute practice sessions (for a total of 3 1/2 hours) if they choose to run all their sessions, followed by the time trial exercise. You will get more on-track time with 1/3 fewer cars (before the time trial even commences) than you typically get at a standard large group 2 day event.

The track day schedule will look something like this:

Registration -- 7:00 AM to 7:35

Driver's Meeting -- 7:35 to 7:55

First practice session/run group of 10 cars to commence at 8:00 AM; Second practice/ run group will go out at 8:30; and the practice sessions will continue on the hour and 1/2 hour until Noon.

Lunch Break -- Noon to 12:30 PM -- TRACK CLOSED

Practice sessions to continue from 12:30 until 3:30 PM

Time Trial Drivers Meeting to commence at 3:40 PM

Time Trial will begin at approximately 3:50 PM.

Cost for this event will be $325 per car and will include timing transponders for all participants. We will be using a FIST PAID, FIRST SERVED allocation system. We need a minimum of 20 paid participants to cover the major overhead expenses associated with this very limited track event. Models and champagne cost extra. ;)

If we fail to reach our critical mass by May 19th, the event may be cancelled. In that event, all monies will be refunded. We would greatly appreciate your prompt commitment and payment.

If you are interested in attending, please send your check for $325 to:
Jack Fried, 1900 Avenue of the Stars, 25th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067

We've got 21 people who have indicated an interest in attending (and 18 have paid so far) for this event...:clap:

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS, as of April 28th:

1) Glen -- n/a mod -- PAID
2) Manly -- n/a mod -- PAID
3) Dan -- n/a mod -- PAID
4) Peter M -- n/a mod -- PAID
5) Robb -- n/a mod -- PAID
6) Doug -- n/a stock -- PAID
7) Tim -- f/i -- PAID
8) Jim -- Cup -- PAID
9) Jack -- Cup -- PAID
10)Peter K *--Ultra
11)Randy -- f/i -- PAID
12)John S. -- f/i -- PAID
13)Roy B.*-- n/a mod -- PAID
14)Victor -- f/i -- PAID
15)Richard *-- n/a stock -- PAID
16)John W. -- n/a mod -- PAID
17)Mike P. -- f/i
18)Tom H. *-- f/i or Cup? -- PAID
19)Kelley S -- n/a stock -- PAID
20)Mark G. -- n/a stock or mod? -- PAID
21)Ryan D. -- n/a mod

Given the level of interest thus far, the LCS committee has decided that we can add another car or two to the grid and still be in keeping with this event's limited car count -- running 10 or 12 cars in a run group will not create any traffic jams. :shift:

To secure your spot, we must receive your payment ASAP!

* New LCS members -- If you haven't already done so, please visit the LCS website Membership in the Lotus Challenge Series is Free - Go Auto Racing and familiarize yourself with the rules, safety requirements, etc, and, of course, fill out the membership application. You will also need to get a Number Plate from the series sponsor Chuforia Graffix Items.html
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