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Together with lotus of Cleveland/the Collection Auto group and the Cleveland Area lotus Limited club, we are hosting a road ralley through the scenic streets and roads of the Cleveland airport and lake Erie park systems areas.

First car off will be at 10:00 AM. drivers meeting at 9:30

This will NOT be a "follow the leader" tour, but set up as a beginners skill level ralley with directions and questions along the way.This will be a 2 part ralley that will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

At the end there will be a cookout with awards!

This will be a NON speed ralley. actually, on this ralley breaking the speed limit will work against you! We will emphasize skills in navigation and being observant along the route. It is a perfect chance to exercise your vehicles and enjoy a wonderful day with friends in friendly competition! You will need a driver AND navigator, bring a clipboard and pencil.

All vehicles are welcome, Lotus, Porsche, Corvette, any sports cars, or whatever you have!

Lotus of Cleveland dealership, 28300 Lorain Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070


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