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I happened to meet another Lotus owner the other day and we were talking about our passion for our cars and got around to talking about track days. This owner wanted in the worst way to take his Lotus to a track but didn't know anything about the process. When I mentioned that there was a Lotus Cup track day on May 24th and that all types of drivers were welcome he was amazed to find out. And that got me thinking......I wonder how many other Lotus owners haven't had a track experience but would really like to and what if they thought only hard core track rats with track only cars are welcome. Guess what? All are welcome! We all started out as the new kid on the track and I will tell you that the people who own sports cars and are at the track are the friendliest group you will ever meet. Everyone starts out in the Novice group. You get class room instruction, you follow a pace car on the track and learn the lines. You talk about cars, look at the modified ones, dream of being faster one day.........and get to go back to the office and say; yeah....I track my Lotus.

Some of us have a lot of seat time are are real "track rats". Our cars are set up strictly for the track. But we talk and walk just like the rest of the group and love showing you our mods and talking about Lotus cars.

Come on out. Sign up for a day at the NJMP track ( New Jersey Motorsports Park ). Have the time of your life and maybe, just maybe you might take that grin off your face a couple of days later.

For details reach out to either Ed at Sports & Specialist Cars ([email protected]) or Robbie at ([email protected]) for details.

Let's make this a big Lotus gathering. See you at the track!



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