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Lotus Cup Europe - Onboard Video S1 Elise Zandvoort

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Thought you guys might like to see these.

It was round 2 of the Lotus Cup Europe held at Zandvoort. I had been given a guest drive in the organisers old race car as I work as Chief Instructor for Lotus-on-Track. I even gave up my annual attempt at completing the Nurburgring 24hr as they fell on the same weekend.

Anyway, this is not a racing drivers excuse but would just like the make the point that this car is standard engine wise, still using the original ECU and at best 138bhp. The regs allow for up to 151bhp and all front running cars are right on the money, running emerald ecu's, performance mods and mapped to 151bhp. I came 3rd in race 1 and 2nd in race 2.

The car is left standard to show potential entrants that you can still be fairly competitve without going to the extra expense of ecu's and mapping etc. As you can see from the pics it is also the one that Andy Green (World Land Speed Record Holder) will race in the upcoming Elise Trophy round at Snetterton on 14th June (love the number plate).

Also note that as Andy Green is to be using the car this week I was under strict instructions not to damage the car. The car owner was particularly nervous after I crashed twice out of 3 races last weekend at Croft (not my fault i'd hasten to add). I would probably have gone for the move on the last lap, even onto the grass, had I not been too concerned about the car.

The video system used is the VIDEO4 from Race Technology.


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